SKA 17/8/2018

17/8/2018Science Week has been so much fun that we will continue next week.There were so many delighted children watching Robbie

SKA Friday, 10th. August, 2018

Friday, 10th. August, 2018             Big School Here We Come!    Our room was buzzing with excitement for a few days as the visit

SKA 2/8/2018

              I could not think of a better way to end our three week look into the art and culture

JKB 3/8 Havdallah

It has been such a beautiful week at kinder this week.The children have had the opportunity to follow their interests,

JKA Weekly Blog 3/8

This week we welcomed Ezra’s and Idan’s Abbas to our kinder. They showed us how Havdallah is said when Shabbat

JKA Weekly Blog 27/7

This Week we had several Abba’s visiting our kinder to show the children how they put on their Tallit and